14 Million Devices now run on Windows 10

Microsoft has officially launch Windows 10 earlier this week and has started to roll out the new operating system to users throughout the world who mainly will receive it as a free upgrade for their Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 machines. While it might not be a smooth journey for everyone , it seems that the operating system has reached plenty of users in just 24 hours after it goes official.


By plenty, we mean more than 14 million users as noted in a blog post by Microsoft to mark the first 24 hours since Windows 10 was released to the world.  That being said though, the company acknowledged that “many more upgrades to go” before the operating system arrived to everyone that have reserved their upgrade.

It is not surprising to see Microsoft delivered the new OS in staggered manner since the upgrade is available for free which might lead to higher adoption rate during its release. So, it most probably going to take few weeks for the company to sort everything out. At the same time, consumers should also expect to see bug fixes being delivered to Windows 10 as the company continue to deliver the OS to even more users.